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Flaming Lips Reveal New Video & Announce New Bubble Concert Date


The Flaming Lips have nothing to prove to anyone at this point. After a career than spans decades and multiple successful releases, the band has always reinvented themselves in every measure of their careers. Now with their new album American Head out in the world, they’ve proved that they can still keep us guessing. To stay in measure with that, the band will perform the album in its entirety for one more bubble concert on April 20 at The Criterion in Oklahoma City. Sponsored by Wayne Coyne’s new custom cannabis brand Love Yer Brain, the show should be an amazing and life altering experience for all who attend. The band has also released a new video for their song “At The Movies On Quaaludes” to mark the announcement.

The video features super 8 footage from director Clark Duke. The somber images have a loneliness that matches up with the slower moving track. As the lyrics softly appear on the screen, the imagery takes you off into another place and time. Much like the words in the song, the video is from another era though the music is all modern and in the band’s wheelhouse. It definitely pairs perfectly with the song.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. American Head can be purchased in various formats and bundles directly from Warner Records. The Flaming Lips will perform at The Criterion in Oklahoma City, OK on 04/20. Tickets can be purchased here at 10 a.m. on March 26.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexa Ace.



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