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Royal Blood to Play Three Song Set at Bloxy Awards


UK duo Royal Blood is definitely up to doing things differently than most bands. With two solid and catchy singles dropped already from their upcoming album Typhoons, they rarely follow the path of anyone else. Now the band is set to appear as avatars for a three song set for the Roblox Bloxy Awards. Below is a trailer for you to get an idea for what you’re in for.

Along with being the music guest for the awards show, the band will perform three songs as part of their performance. One of those three will be their new single “Limbo” which will mark its first time being performed live. The set should be exciting for all to see even those who aren’t massive fans just to watch how it all plays out.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The 8th Annual Bloxys will take place Saturday March 27 at noon PDT here. Typhoons is available for preorder on various formats from Warner Records ahead of its April 30 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Mads Perch.



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