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CHAI Unleashes Chill Bop and New Video


In a short time Japanese four piece CHAI have become world renowned and gotten plenty of indie cred in the process. While the foursome has a new album WINK due in May, they’ve already revealed the direction of the album by the songs they’ve released. Now to continue that trend they have a new single “Nobody Knows We Are Fun” and the chill bop will seep into your mind and stay with you well after you hear it and watch their new video.

The song has a relaxed but upbeat sound. The vocals have the feel of an R&B song with dance pop underpinnings. The group vocals and backing vocals build things up as the beat and synths create a chill sound that slowly grabs your ears. The more pop direction signals a more focused sound from the band and the overall tone could get anyone dancing as soon as they hear it. The group vocalse tehat come in add a nice touch to the already catchy song. The attached video features the group making their way around the city and dancing around before making their way to a pool where they all go swimming. The video ends with the group exiting a car on the back of a trailer to break the fourth wall.

The video is ready to stream above or on YouTube. “Nobody Knows We Are Fun” can be heard wherever you stream music. WINK is available for preorder on multiple formats from Sub Pop Records before its May 21 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Hideo Hotta.



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