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Matador to Reissue Bardo Pond’s Amanita & Reveal Unreleased Song


In the nineties there were few bands who took their own interpretation of a genre like that of Philadelphia’s Bardo Pond. A band that truly tried to make a new space for psych music to reside by creating psychedelic moments wasn’t easily understood by many who encountered their music. For their second album and first for Matador, Amanita was its own thing that showcased how far out the band could take guitar experimentation. Now twenty five years after it was released Matador Records is reissuing the long out of print album. To celebrate the reissue they’ve released a never before heard song from that era, “Shadow Puppet” while also re-releasing the video for an album track “Limerick.”

The song has that odd shaped gurgle of guitar tones that the band employed when the album was released. Here, “Shadow Puppet” almost serves as a bookmark for the era where the band was constantly searching for ways to expand their sound. While truly reshaping what psych was known to be at the time, the band leaned into an alternative gaze that served them well heading into the next phase of their career. The vocals rest below the chugging of the guitars, allowing for the music to truly take your ears into a new head space.

Both videos are ready to stream above or on YouTube. Amanita 25th Anniversary Edition is available for preorder directly from Matador Records before its October 08 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Taylor Crothers.



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