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New Flock of Dimes Song is Lush with Impassioned Tones


The solo project Flock of Dimes from Jenn Wasner is a thing of masterful songwriting. Mixing electronics and traditional instrumentation, Wasner takes your ears on a journey when you hear the music that flows outward. With a new album Head of Roses out this Friday, the new single “One More Hour” tickles your ears just a bit more while the video will dazzle your eyes as well.

The subtle notes that open the song find themselves balanced with a distanced beat and Wasner’s eloquent vocals. The distance between the vocals and the music creates a tone that subtly gets into your head. The electronic based sounds ease their way into the song as the vocals lead the track along. There’s a soft honesty here made up of organic presentation. The way the music blends with Wasner’s voice allows you to let the song wash over you with a warmth. The video featuring various women in nature along with Wasner nearby matches well with the natural sound of the song.

The video for “One More Hour” can be watched above or on YouTube. The song is available for streaming on all platforms. Head of Roses can be preordered directly from Sub Pop Records before its April 02 release on various formats. 

Image Credits: Photo by Graham Tolbert.



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