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Big Thief Reimagines “Off You” by The Breeders


UK label 4AD is definitely doing things differently. With their new compilation album Bills & Aches & Blues they’re letting current artists cover the works of earlier artists. Eighteen acts like Helado Negro, The Breeders, Dry Cleaning and more are included in the cover songs of other artists from the label’s 41 year history. The latest version includes Big Thief covering The Breeders’ classic “Off You” from their album Title TK. What you get is a reimagined version of the song in the guise of Big Thief’s sound.

Where the original by The Breeders was a bit more stark with Kim Deal singing high in the mix, this version offers up a new way to hear the track. It’s the same song, yet here the instruments are more present and intersect one another with more melody. Adrianne Lenker’s vocals ring about within the song with a harmonic tone that delivers the words with the same honesty as Deal did on the original. There’s still the soft touches as the original, yet here there are backing vocals that lift the song up as the band delivers the track with symphonic tones in the background. It works well without trampling on the original by any means.

The song is available to hear above or on all streaming sites. Bills & Aches & Blues can be preordered or presaved ahead of its April 02 digital release. The vinyl and compact disc versions are available for preorder from 4AD Records ahead of its July 23 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Buishas.



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