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Marley Moon Offers Up Dreamy Tones on New EP


For a minute now we’ve watched the music of Houston’s Marley Moon with an amazement. The craft in the music and how their songs are written and arranged shows a talent that goes far beyond what you may be used to. With a new EP do you feel free? out tomorrow, the singer songwriter takes her unique blend of harmonized pop and guitar driven retro rock to a whole new place. In just six songs Marley Moon makes their presence known while keeping your attention from start to finish.

The album has a real retro feel to it, where doo wop sounds make their way into the music. The opening song “Mystery Man” kicks off this notion where you hear tonal qualities that are almost a modernized sound taken from another era. With pedal soaked guitars and a vocal driven sound, the song has a sixties pop feel to it. However, those sixties touches work and take your ears to a place you may have never heard before or one that feels familiar. Almost like the music of Hazel English, the song has these backing vocals that pair perfectly with the reverb on the guitar. This gets followed by the swaying tones and backing vocal power of “Blue Lagoon.” The doo wop elements are strong here with sparkles of sound that ring against the lead vocals. The song has a pop element that steers away from modern pop, crafting a fun bop that you can’t turn away from.

While things slow down on “I’m Still In Love With You” the  carefully arranged notes set the stage for a real soft burner. The way the guitar warbles with the vocals out in front creates a sound that’s swoon worthy. The timbre of the words offers up a smooth as silk tone that flows above the music in a way that pulls you in. On “Moon Eyed” things have a more relaxed vibe though, it’s the following song “Paris” where the energy and overall songwriting lays its hooks into you. It’s super catchy without relying on production tricks or pop elements to get you there. The guitar driven melody has these moments where you’ll bop your head along without even realizing it. The closing track “Without Me” is a strong way to end. The vocal heavy music has this slow build between the organ and the bass before being met with keys and drums and blossoming into something larger. There’s the way the backing vocals fall underneath the music to create their own world before a buzzing guitar cuts in to take things to a whole new plane. The six songs here may have touches of the past but the overall impression is that Marley Moon finds a way to make them their own in a modern way.

The EP do you feel free? is set for release tomorrow on all digital outlets. It’s also available to preorder on Bandcamp or it can be presaved on all streaming platforms. Marley Moon is set to perform at Wonky Power in Houston, TX. on April 02. The ultra limited capacity show has tickets available here or it can be live-streamed on YouTube.

Image Credits: Photo by Kumarshivam Singh.

David Garrick

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