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Mdou Moctar Delivers Full Shred on New Single


For a minute now we’ve been delving deep into the mystical and wondrous tones that come forth in the music of Mdou Moctar. There’s something mystifying about music where you don’t know where the songs will take you, a trait that the guitarist does better than most. With a new album Afrique Victime coming out in late May, their new single “Afrique Victime” is not only the title track but a song that shows off some of the skills that have made Moctar a big deal.

The song is harmonious in its presentation. The guitar weaves a fabric that intertwines Moctar’s impressive guitar fingering. When the vocals begin they feel like a shout out to all who can hear them. The earnest tone in the vocals lays the groundwork for the music to come in and take you far and away. The guitar god-like sound shouldn’t be lost on the listener before the pace picks up and becomes more melodic. Backed by group vocals, the song has a spirited evolution where the guitar dances about from chords to progressive scales. The abilities and the life of the song aren’t just along the fret board, but they help lift the song up to new heights. The rhythms within deliver a sound like no one else as the strings of the guitar sing and ring out.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all streaming sites. Afrique Victime can be preordered from Matador Records on various formats including on a cellphone ahead of its May 21 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by WH Moustapha.

David Garrick

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