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New Skegss Album is an Energy Driven Joyride


Australian trio Skegss has made plenty of waves since they got their start in Byron Bay about a decade ago. Embodying a straight rock sound with garage rock touches, the band has an energy that comes through with each note that they play. On their latest album Rehearsal the band tears through the songs with an absolute power that we don’t get as regularly as it used to occur while offering up songs that have all of the surf rock tones of their previous releases.


The opening track off the album “Down to Ride” embodies so much of what the album is. Energy driven with plenty of garage tones throughout, the song invokes a good time as the guitars and bass drive the sounds. The distorted notes have the pacing of a beach side jam while the trio goes in full with group vocals. While this gets followed by the almost anthemic tones of “Valhalla” the band isn’t missing anything. The way the vocals have a bit of a distorted sound to them embodies their sound with enough precision to be surgical. There’s plenty of songs that aren’t straight barn storming deliveries either. On “Running From Nothing” the band seems to take a retrospective look while slowing down the energy at the same time. This occurs again on “Picturesque Moment” where there’s a sound that reminds you of Tripping Daisy without any lifting.

But the true weight of the album comes on tracks where the band goes full throttle. The full force of “Bush TV,” the stabs of sound that flow on “Savour the Flavour” and the mystical approaches on “Fade Away” give you plenty of rock songs that take you to a time when that was more common. While the band’s songwriting has matured with this album, the overall impression is that they can go hard and fast or slow things down and still hold your attention. Of the thirteen songs our favorite comes on “Sip of Wine.” The way the drums create a rumble that sets the pace and the guitars are a bit off center makes way for the band to go in and go hard. The up and down energy of the song sticks with you well after it plays and gives you a well arranged track to remember as the way garage rock should sound. Full and without an attempt at sticking to the past, here the band forges their own path.

Rehearsal can be purchased directly from Loma Vista Recordings on multiple formats. It’s also ready to stream wherever you stream music or it can be purchased in all digital outlets. Skegss is scheduled to appear at Felons Barrel Hall in Brisbane City, Australia on April 22.

Image Credits: Photo by David Herington.



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