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Squirrel Flower Drops New Song & Announces New Album


Last year we told you about the music of Squirrel Flower and her album I Was Born Swimming. Often gentle at times, the record dug deep into your soul as each song played out. While it hasn’t been terribly long since that album was released, the artist is back with a new album Planet (i) announced for release in June. To bookmark the announcement they’ve released a new song “Hurt a Fly” alongside a new video where both go in and dig even further.

Here the music is more direct and guitar driven. Squirrel Flower lets the drums and the guitar heavy sound help drive her gentle voice along the way. The song has a lamented feel to it without overpowering the drive of the notes. The slide of the guitar helps add weight to the song as do the piano that plays underneath her dual vocals at times. The song has plenty of legs that match the video of her rolling and writhing around in a large plastic ball. It all works here as the song has a power that matches the video imagery perfectly.

The video for “Hurt A Fly” can be viewed above. The song is ready to stream on all services. Planet (i) can be preordered on various formats from Polyvinyl Records before its June 25 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Tonje Thilesen.



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