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Danny Elfman Gets Intense Remix by Zach Hill of Death Grips


Danny Elfman has a career that extends far beyond being the composer of The Simpsons‘ theme song. Elfman spent years as the front man for eighties new wave act Oingo Boingo before turning his attention to composing for films. However last month Elfman released a wild new single “Kick Me” that reignited his inventive take on music with a song that mixed compositions with progressive metal underpinnings. Now he’s revealed a remix of the song by Zach Hill, also known as the drummer for Death Grips. What you get is a version of the song that dips its feet into a world of techno glitches and noise oriented sounds.

The chopped opening of the song descends into a world of deep bass and synth clusters before this driving and pulsating sound emanates throughout. The glitches of noise that flow within the remix take the sound to a whole new space. The vocals are here but buried underneath the synths and beats. There’s a darkness that comes within this remix while elevating the track into new territories before it ends quickly and abruptly.

The remix can be heard above or wherever you stream music or it can be purchased in all digital music outlets via Anti Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Silvia Grav.



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