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New Yoshinori Hayashi Single Offers Jungle Breaks & Versatile Sound


In the US, Tokyo producer Yoshinori Hayashi isn’t exactly a household name. However despite this, the music that he creates offers a mix of sounds that have been stateside for quite a while. With a new album Pulse Of Defiance coming next week the producer’s latest single “I Believe In You” offers up a mix of Jungle, break beats and house inspired tones that are sure to get feet moving.


While the track opens with this almost Reggaeton vibe, things quickly escalate into a break beat mix of jungle sounds. The mix of techno based pulsations delivers a sound that’s intertwined with vocal samples that pull you in. The producer’s palette is diverse which comes across in the elements he employs, yet here the music is so washed in varying styles that it all becomes one large mixture. This creates a quality where the styles blend into one while the beats deliver between deep bass and rhythmic pops. The song clocks in a bit under the seven and a half minute mark, but it goes by before you realize due to the textured layers throughout. The building of the track even includes ambient elements showing that Hayashi is ready to throw everything at you in one track.

“I Believe In You” is ready to stream above or on Bandcamp. Pulse Of Defiance can be preordered on various formats directly from Smalltown Supersound ahead of its April 09 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Takurou Kawakami.



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