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Carlos Nino Reveals Mystical New Single & Video


The music of composer and producer Carlos Nino comes across as the earth saying hello. Full of rhythmic tones and energized sounds, his notes played create a sound that never seems to flow under any guise of something manufactured. With a new album More Energy Fields, Current coming in May, his latest single “Thanking the Earth” with Nate Mercereau and Sam Gendel is a magical ride that hits you with an ease that’s nothing if not organic.

While the video has a very earthy feel to it, it gets explained through the music. The organic tones here craft a sound that sounds like wind whispering onto elements. The brass that plays alongside offers up a tonal quality that could be described as something coming from the sea. At times the music gets met with brash elements, it’s all baked in a natural soundscape that you cannot walk away from without being changed for the better.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream wherever you stream music. More Energy Fields, Current is available for preorder directly from International Anthem ahead of its May 07 digital release or June 25 ahead of its physical release.

Image Credits: Photo by Azul Nino.



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