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Liberty & Justice Deliver Thoughtful Punk on New Album


If you want to see what a heated music argument looks like, just watch two different generations argue over what is and what isn’t punk music. Over the years it’s a sentiment that seems to never have an answer, as for many of us punk is just as much of an attitude as it is a middle finger to authority. Over the years few bands have blended together sub genres of punk with as much ease as Houston’s Liberty & Justice. On their new album Pressure, the band mixes street rock and Oi punk into their own sound while delivering a punk sound that’s as thoughtful as it is inventive.


The album begins with the energy driven sounds of “Halfway Home” where the band’s bombastic approach cannot be diminished. Between the vocals and the drums these distorted guitars blaze through and hone in on a purely energetic tone. The backing vocals add depth while the intensity of the song is in your head never to leave. While the band continues into their street rock sounds on “Mad World” and “You’re Dumb,”it’s the song “Second Ward Serenade” that resonates. The way the guitar leads here makes way for the band’s high energy sound the permeate. It’s pure punk in its best form while delving deep into the band’s Houston roots. There’s melody here that isn’t manufactured but feels natural with hooks that stay with you. The band continues to mix things up on “Immigrant Rock N’ Roll” featuring ska punk mainstays Los Skarnales. While Liberty & Justice deliver plenty of anthemic punk here, the ska legends add plenty to the track, placing their own stamp on the song.

The band just cuts through with searing songs that have their own imprint. “Somebody’s Gonna’ Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight” doesn’t mince words while the inclusion of rapper producer Fat Tony on “Six Two” breaks more boundaries than one. The song has Tony spitting words with rapid fire intensity on par with the crazed guitars and thumping drums. The entire album takes Oi punk and street rock and puts the sounds together in a way that makes you think that’s how they’ve always sounded. “Sons And Daughters” comes in hot and never relents while “Our Town Our Team” featuring Gabe Wells is full throttled punk. The intensity between the vocals and the music delivers all of the hardcore you want. The closing track “No More Obitz” offers up the band’s sound best. Thundering punk drums matched with immense riffs and backing vocals showcase the depths of Liberty & Justice proving they’re onto something down in Texas.

Pressure is available to purchase in the US through Death Exclamations or in Europe through Contra Records. The album is also available to purchase in digital outlets of to  stream on all streaming sites. Liberty & Justice is set to perform at Wonky Power via live-stream on April 09 in Houston, TX. The live-stream is available to view here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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