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Red Ribbon Delivers Driving New Single


Los Angeles based songwriter Emma Danner, also known as Red Ribbon has a new album Planet X due in June. With her last single we received a warm an inviting sound that caught our ears and held on tight. On her new single “Way” she delivers a driving sound alongside a video that treks its own path.

The searing guitar that strikes between the drums at the start draws your attention. The vocals are a bit distanced, adding to the mystery that holds your ears. With synths and the thundering drums, the song should draw you in as it plays out. There’s touches of shoegaze here while the song offers a driving tone that makes sure you forget nothing. There are these subtle elements to the song that add to its weight while the video features a character running through the woods searching for something or running from someone.

The video for “Way” can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming sites. Planet X is available for preorder directly from Danger Collective Records on various platforms ahead of its June 11 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Kelsey Hart.



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