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Lambchop Shares New Song and Short Film


The music of Lambchop has offered up the sounds of Kurt Wagner over the years, following a familiar sound for a good while. However as the world changes, so do good artists. With a new album Showtunes coming in late May, Lambchop has not only embraced a change in sound but they seem to revel in it as well. On their latest single “Fuku” they mix things up while the accompanying video holds its own space.

The song is expansive, embracing synthetic and traditional sounds. The chopped vocals at the opening signal a new sound for the project while the Showtunes aspect of the music is prevalent throughout. The harmonic sounds that fall underneath the grand sounds of the vocals delivers a tone that’s refreshing for the band as they tread new territory. The accompanied short film works well with the expressive tones of the song, giving you imagery to match a story line that may not exist yet. Hypnotic at times, the film and the music seem to compliment one another well.

The film can be seen above of on YouTube. “Fuku” can be listened to wherever you stream music. Showtunes is available for preorder on various formats from Merge Records ahead of its May 21 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Angelina Castillo.

David Garrick

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