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Wire to Release PF456 Deluxe for Record Store Day


Wire are not only legends within post punk, but a band that seemingly never slows down. Between multiple releases and their own festival, the band just keeps things rolling along no matter what. This year as part of Record Store Day on June 12, Wire will release PF456 Deluxe. When PF456 REDUX was released in 2002 it was made up of ReadBurn 1 and 2 as well as the album Send in its entirety. However the songs were cut to accommodate the vinyl pressing. This edition features the tracks in their entirety uncut plus the “12 Time You” seven inch.

Many of these songs are on vinyl for the first time in this way. All packaged together as two 10 inch singles plus the seven inch within a hardback book. The book contains unpublished photos, interviews with each member and a 6,000 word essay Graham Duff as well as full lyrics and recording details.

PF456 Deluxe Track List
1. “In the Art of Stopping”
“I Don’t Understand Comet”
“Germ Ship”
“1st Fast”

2. “Raft Ants”
“The Agfers of Kodack”
“You Can’t Leave Now”

3. “Read & Burn”
“Half Eaten”
“Nice Streets Above”

4 “Mr. Marx’s Table”
“Being Watched”

7. “Twelve Times You” (X mix)
“Twelve Times You” (Y mix)

PF456 Deluxe is available on vinyl or on compact disc through Record Store Day on June 12, 2021. A list of all record stores included can be accessed here. The rest of Wire’s music can be purchased directly from the band here.

Image Credits: Photo by Phil Sharp.

David Garrick

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