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Iceage Unleashes New Song and Announces 2022 Tour


In early May Copenhagen’s Iceage will release their latest album Seek Shelter out into the world. As the band has prepped for its release they’ve released singles that paint the picture of a new sound from the group. Their latest single “Gold City” continues that trend. Here the bluesy tones are swathed in an emotional wrap of tones that pull at you as soon as it begins.

There’s a hint of swagger here as the song has these varying keys that play out underneath the vocals. While the words hit you hard due to being at the top of the mix, the song is complex in terms of arrangements. The guitars slowly roll in to meet the drums and create a sound that carries soulful sounds throughout. The sway between the thickness of the instrumentation and the vocals create an emotionally heavy sound. You feel the words as they’re sung and the music carries weight within the notes as well.

“Gold City” can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Seek Shelter can be preordered on various formats from Mexican Summer before its May 07 release. Iceage will perform their new album in its entirety via live-stream on May 22. Tickets can be purchased here. The band has also announced a North American 2022 tour beginning February 12 at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA until March 31 at Electric Ballroom in London, UK. Their complete tour schedule can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jonas Bang.



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