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Sufjan Stevens Releases Echoed New Song


Sufjan Stevens is definitely in a different place with his new five-part instrumental album Convocations. With a new volume coming per week, the latest incarnation “Celebration VIII” has a sprite and sparkling sound that drips above the ambient tones. The upcoming 49 track album is sure to have bright moments and this track is definitely a great example of that.

The synths here chirp like birds and bees in nature. The ring of those tones permeate your senses as they hop on and off of the track. The dark ambient sounds underneath lend themselves to a more dirge based sound. The sprinkled sounds pop and sparkles as they elevate the ambient tones. The song has a deeper feel than most music of the genre, delving deep before hitting bottom and swaying in notes that encapsulate you from start to finish.

“Celebrations VIII” can be heard above or on all streaming sites. Convocations can be preordered on a vinyl box set directly from Asthmatic Kitty before it ships in November.

Image Credits: Photo by Gina Alexander.



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