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New Charles Song is Echoed Chillwave Magic


Charlotte Ercoli Coe who performs under the stage name Charles has become known for her well crafted songs that made up her 2015 release That’s How My Baby Learns. The craft in her music has remarkable structures and a sound that washes over you like warm air. With a new album Let’s Start A Family Tonight coming out in May, her latest single “Remember Blushing” is a chillwave track that rolls slow with smooth textures.

The song has this warmth that flows throughout. With relaxed structuring, the instruments intertwine to create a chill sound as the vocals reside calmly within. There’s a magical tone in how the vocals have a smooth delivery to them, resting within the mix next to the music. Between echoed notes and smooth harmonies, the song takes on its own life and crafts its own universe of chill. The bedroom touches just add to the intimate sounds of the song while drawing your ears throughout. The video features Charles running about, jumping around or shifting between personas while sitting on a bed which works well as a visual to pair with the music.

The video for “Remember Blushing” is ready to watch above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all platforms. Let’s Start A Family Tonight can be preordered from Babe City Records on various formats ahead of its May 21 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Jerry Finger.

David Garrick

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