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The Black Keys Go in On New R.L. Burnside Cover


If you were lucky enough to catch The Black Keys before they blew up, then you know that the Akron duo are big fans of Mississippi blues. Aside from their bluesy music of modern day, the pair have always been steeped in blues music. With a new album of blues covers titled Delta Kream coming in May, their new single “Going Down South” originally by R.L. Burnside does the legend right while its video offers plenty of charm.

While the funky tones Burnside employed are gone, this version still stays true to the original. The guitar sways and rolls like honey off a biscuit against the drums. Auerbach utilizes a falsetto in a way that draws you in while the instrumentation keeps you there. The twang in the guitar and the thud of the bass work together magically. The deliverance of the song has plenty of heft, offering the track up with a straightforward approach that works. The accompanying slide guitar lays itself along the careening solos in a way that holds on to the original. The video features the pair playing with others and sweating through the session with imagery of the south thrown in for good measure.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. “Going Down South” can be heard wherever you stream music. Delta Kream is available for preorder directly from Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records in multiple formats ahead of its May 14 release. The Black Keys are set to perform at Pilgrimage Music Festival on September 25 and 26 in Franklin, TN.

Image Credits: Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins.



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