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Discover the Indie Pop Sounds of Mazey Haze


In the scope of new artists there are more than a few that release music daily. Looking across the globe, those metrics increase exponentially. A new artist we’ve come across is Amsterdam’s Mazey Haze. Crafting a pure indie pop tone, her debut single “Sad Lonely Groove” is an upbeat and hook filled song that’s hard not to fall for from the jump.

The song opens with a real head bopping tone. The beat mixes perfectly with the synths before the vocals come in and take you over. The words have weight to them, though the song is so catchy that you can’t help but get down to the track. The bonus is that the vocals hold their own here, signalling an ability past the typical. The song is pure pop bliss while the accompanying video shows the singer songwriter performing the song throughout.

The video can be viewed above. “Sad Lonely Groove” can be heard on all streaming platforms or it can be purchased in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by Tara Wilts.



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