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Osees Go Deep on Levitation II Set


California’s Osees are nothing if not unpredictable. With a large run of releases coming faster and faster, the band’s live sets are known for being as wild as their full lengths are. Now the second installment of the Levitation Sessions is out and it’s as crazy as the first. Below the set is ready to view in its entirety.

While the set list isn’t some crazed affair, the performance here is on par from what you see from the band. Alongside old favorites and some newer tracks, we were enamored with the live versions of “Stinking Cloud” and “Poisoned Stones.” The version of “Encrypted Bounce” is also great as are the Chrome covers the band plays to close out the set.

The video can be seen above. Levitation Sessions II is available to purchase digitally now on Bandcamp. A limited edition double vinyl can be preordered from The Reverberation Appreciation Society ahead of its October release. Osees are set to begin touring August 20-22 for Psycho Fest Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV until October 04 at Sister Bar in Albuquerque, NM. Their tour schedule can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by JPD.



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