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Faye Webster Digs Deep on Latest Album


Faye Webster definitely has grown more confident over the years. Between swaying the notes of country and swaggering into sad pop, Webster has always seemed to give listeners a piece of herself with each record. On her new fourth album I Know I’m Funny haha though, she goes inward more and comes out the other side shimmering. Deep and thoughtful, sad and introspective, the album displays Webster’s music in its finest form to date.

From the opening notes of “Better Distractions,” it’s obvious that Webster has grown her depth of songwriting. That twangy note that she’s employed over the years is more refined and holds more definition. Her voice sulks into the notes and gets a more tuneful representation. This continues into “Sometimes” where the piano and the drums hold a pocket for Webster’s soft voice to reside. The weight of her words soak in and you can hear the depth in full register. For “I Know I’m Funny haha” you can really revel in how the song is crafted while enjoying Webster’s intimate notes falling on your ears. The depth in the songwriting is in full force here and it shines from beginning to end.

That sentiment continues throughout the album. While “In A Good Way” captures your ears with its organic hooks and “Cheers” takes you by surprise with its riffs, both songs capture you with how they’re performed. Both display where Webster is at and it sounds like she’s at the top of her game. A song like “A Stranger” dig deep with strings and artful arrangements swooning you and taking over your senses. “A Dream With a Baseball Player” has this sultry slowness to it where you can enjoy the slow roll of Webster’s voice. The addition of the horns and backing vocals just add to the sound. But with all of the well crafted songs here, the favorite comes on the closer “Half of Me.” The personal tone of the song mixed with the fact that it’s just vocals and guitar makes it hard to ignore. The simplicity in its presentation with the most varied vocals of the album make a fitting goodbye for now. With this album though, Faye Webster in many ways is just starting to say hello.

I Know I’m Funny haha can be purchased directly from Secretly Canadian. It’s also available in all digital retailers or it can be streamed on all services. Faye Webster will be on tour beginning September 07 at A&R Music Bar in Columbus, OH until March 04, 2022 in Asheville, NC at The Grey Eagle. Her tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Pooneh Ghana.

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