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Lucy Dacus Delivers Gold on Home Video


Ask anyone who records albums on the regular, getting tired of the songs can become a regular thing. An album typically gets recorded, it takes however long to get released and halfway through the tour the songs can become tiresome. So when you find out that Lucy Dacus recorded her new album Home Video back in 2019, you just hope that she’s not already tired of the songs. Her most realized release to date, the album draws from past diary entries and delivers heartfelt memories in a delightful and emotional way that captures your ears from start to finish.

Opening with the song “Hot & Heavy” the weight of Dacus’ vocals strike you with her melodic tone. The song is upbeat in sound and keeps a steady pacing that delivers hooks with the honesty of her earnest delivery. The way the guitars strike these big open chords and how her voice comes across with an honesty that can’t be disguised. “Christine” falls on your ears with a tenderness that elevates this early in the album. Lead by piano and Dacus’ voice creates an organic and touching tone. The emotional weight of the song hits you and doesn’t leave while the music here is sweeping and all encompassing. As does “VBS” as Dacus takes us back to her time at vacation bible school. The upbeat stride of the song against the words keeps the track in your head while the hypnotic tones of the song keeps it there. Dacus’ vocals here hold a softness that plays well with the keys and the instrumentation where moments showcase her higher pitched notes. The song hits perfectly reminding you why you loved Historian so much.

But the album also holds these moments that you may not expect. Where “Thumbs” grabs a hold of you from the jump “Going Going Gone” holds this folk based sound that sways into your head and stays. The group vocals and the melodic nature of the song makes it feel more labored though the song also holds an interpersonal vibe as well. “Partner in Crime” employs autu-tune and electronics to create a stark difference between itself and the rest of the songs, yet it’s not uninvited. Whether Dacus is veiled in studio trickery or not, she still sounds like herself and here she offers up something new while still pulling you closer. While “Please Stay” gives you the kindness that only Dacus can deliver our favorite track of the album comes on “First Time.” Opening with electronic sounds, the song quickly turns ito a fast paced indie rock song. With a feverish pace there’s just a resolute tone here where the guitar and the keys meet with the drums and explode in the best way possible. Lifted by Dacus’ vocals, the song has a snappy pace that gets cut with hook filled keys as it delivers itself to you gift wrapped. The diversity within the album is best yielded here without alienating anyone.

Home Video can be purchased directly from Matador Records. It’s also available to stream wherever you stream music or it can be purchased digitally from wherever you download it. Lucy Dacus is on tour beginning July 24 in Portland, ME at Portland House of Music & Events until April 15, 2022 in Paris, France at La Maroquinerie. Her complete tour schedule is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

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