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Anika Delivers New Single & Video


The music crafted by Berlin based artist Anika delves deep into the spirit of living it seems. Coming in between avant-garde and electronic, her sound is enthralling in its depth and relatable nature. With a new album Change coming in late July, she returns after a ten year absence with songs that will encapsulate you as soon as you hear them. And her new song “Rights” with its stark video will stick to you like glue.

The video has a very in the future versus now appearance to it. The use of virtual reality as an escape cannot be lost on the viewer. However the music is the focus and the synth lead notes that start the song get met with Anika’s vocals that hit you with their honest approach. The song just pulsates with energy and a depth that exudes what you may be used to. The way the drums come in deter from the electronics yet they don’t distance from the song’s timing. The song is in many ways in your face without being abrasive but rather in the moment. The construction of the music is masterful in its own way as it exceeds the norms in today’s music world.

Watch the video as much as you like above. Stream “Rights” wherever you stream music to your heart’s content. Preorder her new album Change directly from Sacred Bones Records before its July 23 release. Anika is on tour beginning September 10 at Hafen 2 in Offenbach, DE until September 24 in Rouen, France at Le 106 Club. Her tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sven Gutjahr.



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