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My Idea Signs to Hardly Art & Drops Two New Songs


In the world of music you can never say never. Or at least that’s the case for new indie pop duo My Idea. Hailing from different areas and both in separate projects, the two artists didn’t seem bound to work together. With Nate Amos focused on Water From Your Eyes and Lily Konisberg focused on Palberta, together the music they make is artfully delightful indie pop that you can only fall for as soon as you hear it, Now signed to Hardly Art the duo has announced their EP That’s My Idea coming in July. While we don’t know what the digitally release will ultimately be, their two new single “Stay Away Still” and “That’s My Idea” along with two new videos can give you some idea of their infectious sound.

“Stay Away Still” is immediate and catchy as hell. Between the beat and the guitar riffs the enchanting vocals hit you and never leave. With melodic guitars that hook you like a fish offshore, underneath these talking vocals offer a narrative that roll along with the music. However the soft vocals and the way the song bops along are what enrapture you and the upbeat sound stays with you. The video of the members hanging around the docks and the water gives you a positive visual to match the positivity of the song. On “That’s My Idea” the duo keeps the upbeat sounds coming. The soft vocals are just above the beat and this wandering guitar that holds multiple melodies. The song is short but it hits with just as much pop and keeps your head bopping from start to finish. The video features the member hanging out in a grassy area doing their own things and keeping things chill.

The two videos can be seen above. Both songs are ready to stream on all streaming platforms. That’s My Idea can be preordered ahead of its July 30 release directly from Hardly Art Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Wolever.

David Garrick

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