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Steve Gunn Announces New Album & Reveals Two Singles


Singer songwriter Steve Gunn never seems to disappoint from release to release. Always heartfelt and powerful, the music he creates hits your ears perfectly and it stays there in your head. Well as his past songs have gotten into your heart, get ready for more as Gunn has announced a new album Other You coming in late August. Produced by Rob Schnapf the album should be more great music from the prolific artist. To help get new music into your ears he’s released two new songs “Other You” and “Reflection.”

The title track has a depth of instrumentation that gets the song going. The vocals have a dual power to them that wash over you and encapsulate you. Gunn is deeper here with a grander sound. The words get into your head with immediacy as the song has organic hooks within the arrangements. The bounding nature in how the song rolls along offers up a tone that’s sunny and bright without becoming too saccharine. This developed sound is Gunn taking things to a whole new level.

On “Reflection” the way the keys play out offers a more reflective and inward tone. Slower in pacing, the introspective sound hits these inner markings that glide the track along. The deep vocals mix in with a well composed arrangement that opens the song up as it plays out. The way Gunn performs the track with the thick keys flowing throughout delivers it in a happier way than it may first appear. However the best songwriters can mask emotion in upbeat music and that appears to be what Gunn is doing here.

Both videos can be seen above. Both songs are ready to stream on all streaming sites. Other You can be preordered directly from Matador Records before its August 27 release. Steve Gunn is on tour beginning July 22 at The Bellhouse in Brooklyn, NY until December 18 at Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY. His complete tour schedule can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Stephanie Nicole Smith.



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