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Fruit Bats Make Siamese Dream Available Digitally


Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats has always had a different ear for how music should sound. That way in which he writes and records original music flows throughout his work and delivers songs that seemingly float above the stratosphere. So when he released a cover version of the Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream, we figured it would either be a catchy cover version or a reinvented masterpiece that stands on its own. Luckily for us, he chose the latter route. None of the songs mirror the originals and with his ear for how music should work, he delivers a cover release that stands on its own.

For starters, the album truly reinvigorates the songs. Johnson’s take on the music lets you hear it through fresh ears and listen in a whole new way. The vocals are better than the original due to his harmonic abilities so you can actually understand the lyrics better. The opening track “Cherub Rock” isn’t a smattering of guitar god posturing, but rather a soft and intricate study of the music where his inclinations offer a more intriguing tone. Mixing piano in and a softer vocal, Johnson delivers the song like you’ve never heard it before. This occurs throughout without pause. Songs you loved when it was released originally ring out in new ways. Removed from “Quiet” is the buzz saw tone and it gets replaced with a more pop structuring, “Soma” has this eloquent piano based sound and “Silverfuck” digs deeper than ever before. In fact “Silverfuck” is our favorite here as he sways between the loud quiet loud principle with ease and grace. As far as cover albums go, this could be our favorite in a long time. By re-imagining the music, Johnson makes the songs his own without trampling the originals.

The Fruit Bats version of Siamese Dream is available to stream on all streaming sites. It can be purchased digitally directly from Merge Records. Fruit Bats are on tour beginning tonight at Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI until May 07, 2022 in Denver, CO at Bluebird Theater. Their entire tour is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Annie Beedy.



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