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Leon Bridges Breaks New Ground on Gold-Diggers Sound


In so many ways, Leon Bridges is the breath of fresh air music has needed, even if he rolls back the clock to a different era. Bridges has always captured listeners with his sultry approach to soul while keeping their bodies moving. On his new album Gold-Diggers Sound he mixes things up and returns with a new sound that holds your ears and doesn’t let go.

The opener “Born Again (feat. Robert Glasper)” definitely delivers his music in a refreshing way. As Glasper leads the tones, Bridges digs deep and offers up a sultry vocals that pulls you in. The jazz touched sounds mix perfectly with the beat and the vocals to circle around you and never leave. Where “Motorbike” stretches out and gives you everything you could want, it also gives a good pop banger to keep the vines moving along. Bridges is definitely playing with tones without steering the ship too far away, yet it works and works well. Even with the open noted “Why Don’t You Touch Me” Bridges is incorporating new sounds as he sings out. The sexy nature of the vocals and the guitar pair well with the beat and the backing vocals. Bridges is definitely taking his sound to new spaces.

Where “Gold-Diggers (Junior’s Fanfare)” has a bit of a dark tone underneath and “Details” serve well together, the catchy notes pair against Bridges vocals like silky soft materials. The slower stride of “Sweeter (feat. Terrace Martin)” also ticks up the sexy vibes with its slow jam stride. But Bridges is also touching on soul standards here as well. The mix of a new approach and older nuance gives you an album that’s familiar yet different. Fresh but similar without sounding tired. Of the eleven tracks our favorite was easily “Magnolias.” The mix of the Latin guitar tones and Bridges’ soothing words mix perfectly with a smooth R&B beat to create a jam that checks every box. At times his voice hits a whisper that excites while swooning. The words just roll off of his tongue with a hot fire while keeping things at that slow jam pacing. It’s masterful as Leon Bridges takes things up a notch again.

Gold-Diggers Sound is available to purchase directly from the Leon Bridges web store on vinyl. It’s also available from all digital outlets via Columbia Records. It can also be streamed on all streaming platforms. Leon Bridges will be on tour beginning August 08 in Saint Charles, IA at Hinterland Music Festival until May 19, 2022 in At. Augustine, FL at St. Augustine Amphitheatre. His tour schedule is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Sony Music.

David Garrick

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