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Dry Cleaning Drops New Double A-Side Singles


South London’s Dry Cleaning caught our attention when we started to hear of this amazing live post punk band on the other side of the pond. They went on to release two EP’s, sign to 4AD and gear up for a North American tour this year. Their latest full length New Long Leg is an extraordinary example of proper post punk while exhibiting new touches throughout. Now they’re back with two new singles “Bug Eggs” and “Tony Speaks.” Both outtakes from the session that produced their new album, the songs were part of the Japanese release only until now.

The song opens with a stark drum that meets with an open ended guitar and vocals coming in sharp beats. The guitar has a distorted and a bit spacey tone that pairs with the vocals perfectly. The open air without the song causes some moments to stick out better and grab your ears. When things tick up a bit a sense of controlled chaos stays within without steering the ship too far from its path.

On “Tony Speaks” the band chooses a bit of a darker tone. Between the hushed drums and the buzz saw bass line, the vocals fit into the pocket perfectly. The space between the words lends the song to get filled with stark guitar tones that clang and clamor without sounding foreign. The careening on guitar echoes within and gives the vocals a pace to set upon, sounding refreshing yet still dissonant at times.

Both songs can be heard above or wherever you stream music. They can also be purchased in all digital outlets via 4AD Records. Their new full length New Long Leg is also available on multiple formats from 4AD Records. Dry Cleaning is on tour in the US starting November 10 in Los Angeles, CA at Teragram Ballroom until November 20 in Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel. Their complete tour schedule is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Pooneh Ghana.

David Garrick

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