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Mdou Moctar Reveals Remix of “Tala Tannam”


For a while now we’ve been exclaiming our love for the Tuareg driven sounds of Mdou Moctar. With their latest album Afrique Victime the band took their deep desert sounds and tightened things up to craft a release full of tones you can get lost in. Now to take things a bit further the band has tapped MC Yallah to appear on the Debmaster Remix of “Tala Tannam,” and the results are stunning.

In many ways the remix sticks to the original. The slow roll of the vocals lays the groundwork for the song to begin, offering the words almost like a whisper. When MC Yallah comes in their piercing lyric styles flow but also offer a completely new way to experience the song. The rapid fire mic skills come quick and hit hard while expanding what the band’s music can sound like. The synth stabs and beat re-imagine the music and add a different approach without tearing the track apart. When the original vocals return they offer the same calming sounds as what began the song.

The remix can be heard above or on all streaming sites. Afrique Victime is available for purchase directly from Matador Records on various formats. Mdou Moctar is on tour starting September 02 in Asheville, NC at The Grey Eagle until May 01, 2022 in Gent, Belgium at De Post. Their tour schedule is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by WH Moustapha.

David Garrick

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