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Christian Lee Hutson Releases The Version Suicides 3


In the grand scope of everything, few artists find the time and place for everyone walking around. In fact you’d be hard pressed for one person to find the gaze between each act coming up like Christian Lee Hutson. Hutson is in the end of his three part series on The Version Suicides and he’s really gone in for this volume. For Volume III he’s gone in on one side and he won’t be happy until he’s taken each song with him into the future.

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The opening track “You’re Still The One” featuring Julia Jacklin doesn’t hurt things in how it gets things going. Still and silent until he makes things go off, he definitely takes his time. The weight of his vocals alone is still and well crafted. His weight in his vocals holds things together and besides Jacklin, he’s the only person you can imagine singing. For “There She Goes” featuring Fenne Lilly, it just seems that Hutson has this ship under control as well. The sheer magic in how he handles the relegated parts works so well. His vocals are there when they need to be and absent when they aren’t needed at all. She has just as much here in her hands as he holds the women before having to take them by the hands and take care of them. On the final track “I’m So Tired” (featuring Al Menne of great grandpa) takes the cake however. His vocals are at their strongest as he sings from a place of somewhere else. Hutson is a holder of great music but here he does so with ease and endearment. The gentle touches are found at the forefront while still coming forward.

The Version Suicides, Volume III is available to stream or to purchase from Bandcamp. They can also be streamed wherever Anti Records are streamed as well. Christian Lee Hutson is on tour starting October 23 at City Winery Boston until November 19 at City Winery Chicago in Chicago, IL. His complete tour dates can be factored in here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jacob Boll.

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