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Pixies Drummer Ready to Tour Again


While we all sit around and await for the flowers to turn our hair blue, David Lovering of the Pixies is essentially doing the opposite. While we’re all also waiting for the band to gear up for touring with Nine Inch Nails to begin, he’s acting up and doing so quite well. Watch him below as he prepares for the band’s existence out on the road, tearing things up like very few can do.

While most drummers just seemingly have that fact about them, Lovering is readying things for those in tow until their tour begins. Whether that means waiting for tour to start or waiting for it to end, the band is certainly keeping their head and shoulder’s up and on point.

Pixies will be on tour at Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on September 10 until Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK at September 26. Tour dates can be accessed here. The band will also feature members performing their own tour dates opening for the band as well as some former members of the band. The Pixies music can be purchased physically here

Image Credits: Photo by Travis Shinn.



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