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binki Releases Debut EP & It Hits


There’s a really good chance that you’ve never heard of binki. That’s completely okay, but they’re a band that you need to get to know. Basically they’ve been around a minute, they went to turn pro and then were slowed down by the pandemic. Due to their push and pull nature, their new record MOTOR FUNCTION is out finally. Stream their debut here before catching them on tour later this year.

MOTOR FUNCTION Begins with a really catchy song on “Clay Pigeon.” Taking the easy going of his voice steers itself towards a catchier sound, it doesn’t take long for us to get into what he’s actually doing. There’s plenty to do and places to go while he takes on this sound and makes it his own. For “Landline” they take things to a more chill space. Don’t get me wrong, it still hits. But here it hits with a different intensity. The song feels a bit off kilter. it works well. The way the song hits only in the way he means for it to works perfectly. For “Revolve” they get your eras on a spear that doesn’t disappoint. The way they hit the right cylinders is about perfect without steering too far away either. The closer “Invisible Fence” hits just about right as well. Coming in with a mix of pop and sparkle touch, the song hits perfectly and there’s more here to like than any other track. There’s a more intensity driven sound here that works in balance without steering the tracks away.

The songs can be heard above. MOTOR FUNCTION is available to stream on all spaces. binki is set to be on tour beginning August 30 in Artpark Outdoor Amphitheater in Lewistown, NY until Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco, CA. Their complete show information can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sophie Day.



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