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“Headache” by Heart of Gold is Hard to Beat


For a while we’ve been sitting back and just enjoying what comes next. In a good way, the music of Heart of Gold hasn’t been coming at us like a bag of rocks. That is until now as the singer songwriter has just dropped a new song with “Headache.” The song is pop oriented as the video displays and it just pops from every ear no matter where you hear it. Stream it yourself below and take it with you for the rest of the week.

The opening of the track has a pure pop kind of sound. The DJ’s here don’t steer from a bit of a “Say Anything” vibe with how things seem to roll out. However things change quick when the DJ decides to actually perform his it song here. Tattooed and into the notes he’s offering up, the truth comes across in his words. The pop and bop in his movements showcase how important the music is here and it all works perfectly together. Whether he’s singing on stage or riding in the passenger seat of a car, he feels it as much as those performing.

“Headache” can be heard above or wherever you stream music. You can also purchase it from wherever you hear it. Heart of Gold will be on tour starting September 02 at The Hairy Dog in Derby, UK until September 19 at The Key Club in Leeds, UK. Their tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Big Picture Media.



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