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Minus the Bear Reveals New Live Album


In the years that Minus the Bear was around, the gaze of new songs has been something that’s difficult to place a finger on. While the band is no more that doesn’t mean that they can’t evolve on a live track. On their new single Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse (Live)” the band immediately recalls their sound while still evoking plenty of pop in the process. With their new album Farewell Live dropping on October 29th, you can now stream the new song below.

From the jump the song itself is one that evokes happiness from the band’s fan base. The eloquent notes that come forward highlight the band’s fan base while delivering a more studied sound from them. The chorusing of the song places them in a place where the song sounds very close to the original. The vocals come out with full power and the band sounds amazing. The signifying sounds of the song come when the whole band digs in and digs out their respective parts. Not only do they do that with ease, but they do so in a way that works on all levels. The sashayed moments on the track give way to a more reserved sound while still digging deep.

The new album is available from Suicide Squeeze on October 29. You can listen to the new song above or wherever you stream music. The album is available as a 3xLP from Suicide Squeeze Records including a limited 500 on a red vinyl.

Image Credits: Photo by Bradley Hale.



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