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Stream This New Song by Bestfriend


When you’re glancing at new music on the web, there’s more than enough new artists to keep on your mind. In the grand scheme of things, the upcoming EP Places I’ve Lived coming on October 1st, the band Bestfriend is worthy of looking into. Full of life and full of plenty of great tones, their new single “Hannah in the City” is a joyous event worthy of getting into here.

Opening with her vocals, the song has a real in the moment vibe to it. The chill demeanor to the song lends itself to a more relaxed vibe while starting up a choral touch. The mixture in how the song is mixed gives way to a more relaxed vibe. While that seems like it’s too chill, it isn’t but rather a more desired sound. The end result is a track that cuts through the regular sides of things and cuts through to its core. The resulting track is one that you cannot walk away from. There’s more here than on a typical song while still evoking its importance throughout.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The EP Places I’ve Lived can be heard when it drops on October 01. You can also purchase a shirt or a hate directly from the band here

Image Credits: Photo by Maxine Tamoto.

David Garrick

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