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Lionlimb Announces New Album & Drops Lead Single


In the grand spectrum that becomes modern music, we sometimes get to see who or what we may become. In the case of Lionlimb, he sees it from the jump. The project of Stewart Bronaugh, Lionlimb offers listeners a chance to see what their world could be on his latest single “Loveland Pass.” Taken off of his new album Spiral Groove coming in early November, his latest video spells out more than just desperation.

The song is vastly indifferent, yet also well crafted. The vision of the artist travelling across the rocks somewhere in hopes of something better he comes across a section of rocks that could contain water. Examining a rock and continuously digging afterwards for water, you notice the cuts on his hands. As he continuously pulls rocks from the ground and the song picks up pacing, it reveals nothing in its scope. Feeling ill and worn down, Lionlimb lays down and ultimately gives up. Or does he?

The song can be heard on all streaming platforms. The video can be seen above or on YouTube. Lionlimb’s new album Spiral Groove is available for preorder directly from Bayonet Records ahead of its November 12 release. Lionlimb is set to perform at Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY on October 07.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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