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SUUNS Drop New Single “The Trilogy”


In the grand spectrum of what great music can be, a band like SUUNS has more than enough reason to misspell their name or to get caught up in their name. While their new album The Witness will be a stripped down and melodic release, their new single “The Trilogy”forges it’s own path. Feel Free to stream it here and get down with the wild sounds from within.

The segue here is transitional. The way the words come and go in a short time frame are extraordinary in how they’re offered up. The heavenly tones underneath are as witless and washable as the crazed and defined tones. The somberness in how it looks for the painting to be set fire is engaging, while still power evoking. The entire video is a painting burning while the music plays evocatively underneath it. While it could be weird, it’s essentially something happening that’s difficult to stop all the way throughout.

The video can be viewed above. You can stream their already revealed music on all streaming sites. The Witness can be preordered from Joyful Noise Recordings here before it drops this Friday. SUUNS is ready to catch in person on Friday via livestream from their YouTube channel tomorrow available to find here. The band will be on the road beginning September 22 at Imperial Bell in Quebec, QC until November 08 in La Maroquinerie in Paris, France. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Will Lew.



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