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The Dodos Announce New Album & Share Two New Songs


In most indie rock circles, a band like The Dodos exists but isn’t out getting around. The band is made up of two members and it works but it almost shouldn’t. It’s a definite pairing that works and works well. With their new album Grizzly Peak however should really take them to a new place. Aside from the fact that they’re premiering two new songs “Annie” and “The Surface,” they’re your go to songwriters for today, tomorrow and from now on. Stream both below then preorder your own copy of Grizzly Peak from Polyvinyl Records.

For “Annie” the duo has little to no issue offering up a sound that’s difficult to dislike. Aside from how the lyrics make it on to the screen, there’s a proud energy here that works. The way they approach the lyrics is as if there’s a battle going on we don’t know about. Their approach to the song sways in our ears and allows us to let them into our world without any haze. The end result is a beauty of a track that we get behind and even champion. The arranged and at times dismayed approach that they take works on multiple levels while they draw our ears into the phrasing. The end result is grand and bombastic like we wanted anyways, while hoping for this kind of ending.

On “The Surface” the way the song is written feels a bit more defined. While the lyrics are still on the screen, the duo takes the song and makes it their own. Between the sway of the instrumentation and the way they approach the song, it’s all beautifully done. Not only do they find a way to mix things up, they do so in a way that’s magical and has never been done. Or at least done in this way. The song holds our ears and allows us to take it on in our own way. The energy of the track has multiple structures yet works in a way like no one else. There’s a lot here without much streaming away from them. The end result is another banger.

Both songs can be streamed above of on YouTube. The band’s new album Grizzly Peak is available for preorder directly from the band’s label Polyvinyl Records here. The Dodos are on tour starting November 16 at The Cellar Door in Visalia, CA until February 12 at Fawcett Hall at Alma Matter in Tacoma, WA. Their tour dates can be easier accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Shelia Gim.

David Garrick

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