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Gold Star Reveals New Song From Upcoming EP


Every now and again we come across something that takes us by the hand and delivers itself to us in a big way. Take California’s Gold Star as an example. While they’ve been performing under that name for a good while, their new EP titled Headlights USA takes you on a journey of great taste. On their latest single “Headlights U.S.A.” they take things further and deliver a mixture of seventies vibes with modern era songwriting. The end result is magical and we think it’s one of the best albums to come out in twenty years.

The echoing gazes that open the track make out the phase of imagery that make up the opening of the song’s video. The words come from his vocals as if there’s something underneath that won’t let go. The realness of the words cannot get lost on the listener as things unfold in front of you. As he rides in the car, the words fit whats all around while not really going anywhere. The gaze of realness underneath the song is real and it lays out for the listener. The gaze in his eyes, the way the song rolls out and the way it gets conveyed is just perfect. All that’s left is someone getting hurt, but that could be coming too.

The new song “Headlights U.S.A.” can be heard above or streamed on all streaming sites. Their new EP by the same name is available today. You can catch Gold Star live starting on September 15 at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA until November 13 in Palavas-les-flots, France at Salle Bleue.

Image Credits: Photo by Robert Ascroft.



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