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Scott Hirsch Reveals New Song Night People


Within what we know about singer songwriters, an artist like Scott Hirsch is one that we feel like you should keep an eye on. Between tumbling of guitar sounds and vocals work together well and convey a different emotive, his upcoming album Windless Day is a magical reveal. Below is the new track “Night People” and it’s a different vibe no matter however you look at it.

The dance in the music is extraordinary. Here there’s a give and get between artist and the monastic tones he’s creating can exist. Deep within his vocals there’s a hop and a skip between the words and creating a new take. His easy going demeanor is extraordinary and gives way to an easier life for many. The hues and the highs within the song take you to new spaces while keeping your feet planted to the ground. In an odd way Scott Hirsch finds a way to get you where you need to be without taking you anywhere. It’s extraordinary in its presentation and it’s total layout.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. You can also preorder your own copy of his new album Windless Day directly from his website here. Scott Hirsch is on tour beginning October 14 at Gold Diggers in Los Angeles, CA until October 24 at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, CA. His complete tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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