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The Hawkins Reveal New Single from Mini Album


As far as punk records go, they can be hit or miss. For bands that go and go hard, it’s difficult in putting together an EP, much more difficult than even a mini album. For The Hawkins, it can be plenty of work. However luckily for them they have the tag of the Sign Records, they have a home and then some. On their new single “Jim & Kate” they take the song in a new direction while keeping their punk aesthetic at the same time.

The song gets going immediately and you notice that it’s more than a punk tinged single. With the vocals underneath the drums, it’s more than just another punk track. The mystery behind it all flows the spirit of Sweden and all that entails. Taking you deep into the Swedish forests, the song has a mysterious middle part that takes you away from the rock. When it returns however it blasts and careens. The sears of instrumentation that come and go here are remarkable while the vocals are on point throughout. Deciding to take a smart part away for the sing song version is just as beautiful here as anything else as well.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The new album by The Hawkins can be preordered for America here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Earshot Media.



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