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Circuit des Yeux Drops Epic New Single


With a new album coming in October Circuit des Yeux has just dropped a new song. While the album is one of perfected taste, -io should be a real barn burner. Turning through the the escapades, the song takes turns in terms of sounds “Sculpting the Exodus” could be a song that stays with you, even well after you stream it on repeat.

The song opens with these beautiful notes, the kind that stay with you well after you hear them. With the vocals coming in like those of an operatic singer, the sound is extraordinary. Taking the chambered tones and the background elements into effect creates an overall tonal quality that’s deep. The words come in like that of those from a story we don’t know yet. The song is big and bold and without any prejudice without any pieces tying it to anything. That sound is underpinned by the drums and the extra instruments. The clamoring alone of all three is extraordinary as it feels like you’re being reintroduced to music as it plays out. The end result is something bigger than all of us with weight to carry us for a good while.

The video can be experienced above and the song is ready to stream on all streaming platforms. Their new album -io can be preordered directly from Matador Records ahead of its October 22 release date. You can catch Circuit des Yeux in person on October 22 in Queens, NY at Knockdown Center and at November 21 at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. 

Image Credits: Photo by Evan Jenkins.



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