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New Maria Taylor Song is Stunning


In the grand scope of singer songwriters out today, few have the grace and tenacity that Maria Taylor has. Mixing an earnest and good to go sound with upfront lyrics and you’re getting her latest single “It’s Coming for You.” Part of the mix of artists that make up Flower Moon Records, Taylor’s new single is tough to get around and then some.

The cluster of instrumentation here on the song bleeds together in a good way. The dual vocals make for an intriguing sound between the guitar loops and drums. There’s a meandering meaning here where her vocals stick in your head well after the song plays out. The strength between this and the underpinned tones create a safe space to listen. The kinder side of life comes through here while any negative notions are laid to rest. Even on the softer moments of the song, Taylor comes across nimble and soft. When she returns it’s a strident tone that stays with you even after the song is done.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Maria Taylor’s music can be found and purchased directly from Flower Moon Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Dwyer.



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