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KEG Drops Second Song Off Upcoming EP


In the grand scheme of things, the scope of what a car can do. Bands nowadays have their sounds down far enough without steering things too far from their scope. However for KEG the band doesn’t get too far from their name. Their ability to really gain traction within their punk surroundings is incredible and their new single “Presidential Walk” proves their upcoming EP Assembly should be pinpoint.

The band opens things up with wild drums and plenty of scat based speech. The way the descend into the craft of the song they rely heavier on bass and take things to a new space. The song descends into itself with horns and a contemplative sound. It holds itself together without dismissing it’s sound too much. Yet it still offers up plenty of intriguing sounds within. There’s plenty of dissident touches throughout including a slow down space. However between all of these actions the song is full of energy and doesn’t let go. When it does end you’re happier for it than normal and you can resume your daily work.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The new KEG EP is available for preorder from Alcopop! Records ahead of its October 22 release dates. KEG will be on tour starting September 08 in Brighton at Concorde until November 06 in Brighton at Mutations Festival. Their dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Katie Allen.



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