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Stream a New Video by Goodbye Honolulu


For the band Goodbye Honolulu, keeping things on point is something they try on the regular. With a new LP titled Goodbye Honolulu coming on October 01, the band has a new single that really cuts into their sound. On “Shine” they deliver us with an outer worldly sound while giving us the music we can’t get enough of.

The song definitely has differed variations of the band’s chill sound. Opening up with a guitar sound and a chill drum sound gives them a space to grow. The showstopping gaze that deters them has emotion here as things bleed out all over the song itself. The haze of the track is littered with these guitar tones that offer up a heated tone. As the band explodes onto the scene their sound just sticks with you throughout. The sheen of a successful band echoes throughout as the band steers into a pop gaze without turning into a pop band. The distillations from the video alone will give you happy days ahead.

The song can be experienced above or wherever you stream music. Their debut LP Goodbye Honolulu is available October 01 wherever you stream music. 

Image Credits: Photo by Petra Collins.



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