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Stream a New Song by PLOSIVS


In the grand scheme of the music industry, few times do artists say one thing and do the opposite. However in the grand spectrum of that, it doesn’t apply to John Reis. With plenty of familiar faces, his new band PLOSIVS really hits your ears perfectly. On their debut single “Hit The Breaks” below they not only offer up the hit, but they give it to you as well.

The song hits immediately. With plenty of sway in the buildup, the vocals work perfectly here. There’s no required prelistening here. You get what they’re up to from the jump as they don’t let up. The song has multiple cut ups throughout and doesn’t stop its energetic pace either. There’s more than enough power here to hold onto without looking for more anywhere else. In the end it’s a great start from what sounds like a great band.

The song is ready to stream above or on Spotify. You can also catch the band in person on November 05 at Alex’s Bar in San Diego, CA (21 & Up) and at November 06 at The Courtyard in San Diego, CA (all ages). More information as it comes.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Swami Records.



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