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Alice Merton Drops Two New Songs


In the singer songwriter game there are few artists who grab a hold of your attention just when you hear their name. However in the grand spectrum of music in general the name Alice Merton means something and takes you into a world of songs that evoke emotions for starters. While Merton may not be aware of this, her new songs “Hero” and “Island” both share an emotional weight. Stream her latest “Hero” below and see for yourself.

The song has a real hero vibe to it, so it makes sense that’s the title. The way she sings has a myriad of hope while she plays out the victim throughout. The way in which the video plays out it gives her an out while the song plays another narrative. As the car burns in the background, Merton sings along as if she’s wishing for something different than what actually occurs. It’s creepy though also beautiful.

You can stream “Hero” above or wherever you stream music. Both songs are ready to purchase via Mom+Pop Music. There are currently zero tour dates for Merton though that may change.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends.



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